ArmadilloCon will feature a program of readings, presentations, panels, and special events. Panels will include the following:

  • Lessons and advice for new writers
  • Discussions of science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature
  • Recommending the top books and movies of the year
  • Discussions of fan activities (con-running, fanzines, etc.)

Our Major Guests Nicky Drayden, David Liss, and Marshall Ryan Maresca) will be featured. Other program participants will include regional writers, artists, publishing professionals, scientists, and other experts. We plan to send invitations to prospective participants by the end of June.
If you are new to the convention and are interested in being a program participant, please email us at program@armadillocon.orgInclude your name and a brief description of what you feel you contribute to our programming.

Program slots are tight this year, so we can’t guarantee that all who contact us will get to participate.

We look forward to seeing you at the con.
The ArmadilloCon Programming Team