ArmadilloCon is entirely volunteer-run. Our volunteers work all year round to make ArmadilloCon happen. If you can spare a few hours, we’d really love your help! 

Welcome Meetings

We’ll be holding some introductory meetings. Come meet us! For details, contact us at volunteers@armadillocon.org

Where Would You Like to Help?

See below to learn more about the kinds of help we need.

Join the ArmadilloCon Volunteer Team!

  • NOTE: This is not the place to volunteer to present as part of programming.

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for ArmadilloCon! We are excited you would like to join the team!

    Everyone who works on ArmadilloCon is a volunteer. Our convention is 100% volunteer-run by fans for fans. It is a rewarding experience, whether working before, during or after the convention. We need plenty of volunteers, and volunteering is a fantastic way to meet people and make new friends!

    Please note that all ArmadilloCon staff and volunteers must purchase a membership to attend the convention.

    Please use your personal email address when filling the form.


    This form is used to collect emails, names and other data about potential ArmadilloCon 2021 volunteers. The data is used for coordinating ArmadilloCon 2021 staff and volunteers. The data can be accessed only by select ArmadilloCon 2021 staff, and will not be released to third parties. If you have any questions, please send them to volunteers@armadillocon.org


Volunteer Opportunities of Interest to You



Kinds of Help Wanted Include:

Advertising Sales

  • Reach out to publishers, conventions, other events, local businesses and restaurants to solicit ads in ArmadilloCon Souvenir Book. 
  • Ensure ad copy/files are received by publication deadlines
  • Work with the publications team to make sure that files meet minimum requirements. 

Art Show Support

Training/essential information is provided

  • Staff the desk.
  • Set up the room.
  • Teardown the room.

AV/Sound/Video Technical Assistant

Training/essential information is provided beforehand

Assist audio/video specialist with setting up, monitoring, maintaining, and taking down equipment.

Charity Auction Support

Training/essential information is provided

  • Post signs and fliers at con to promote auction.
  • Check with vendors to see about possible donation of an item for the Charity Auction.
  • Gather items and have them in the Auction Room at specified time
  • Act as Auctioneer.
  • Act as auction bookkeeper, keeping tabs on who purchased what, using approved form.
  • After the auction, take items to Registration Desk where winners can purchase items.

Dealers’ Room Assistant

  • Set up the room.
  • Teardown the room.

Hospitality Suite Assistant

Training/essential information is provided beforehand

  • Restock snacks, drinks, napkins, cups, disposable cutlery, hand sanitizer.
  • Clean up.

Load In/Load Out Crew

Training/essential information is provided. If you can’t lift heavy things but can help with errands and unpacking, please do consider joining anyway!

  • Carry boxes to and from vehicles.
  • Pack and unpack items.
  • Set up signage.
  • Set up equipment.
  • Assorted errands.

Program Operations (“Ops”)

Training/essential information is provided beforehand

  • Make sure that the schedule posted at the door is correct.
  • Clean up/set up presentation area between program items.
  • See that the stage is correctly set up for the participants.
  • See that the sound and recording setups are correct and ready to function for the next item.
  • Record the panel (if applicable).
  • Make sure the panel begins and ends on time.
  • Respond to any problems that arise during the panel.
  • Get things ready for the person who is managing the next item.

Publications/Souvenir Book

  • Make sure that all of the content for Souvenir Book is acquired, ready, and up-to-date.
  • Help copyedit Souvenir Book content, including panelist biographies.

Publicity/Social Media

  • Create flyers
  • Draft text and/or graphics for social media posts
  • Ensure that ArmadilloCon ads are arranged, designed to specification, and sent to other venues.

Registration/Information Desk(s)

Training/essential information is provided beforehand

  • Prepare and assemble packets for attendees. (before con)
  • Verify ID and issue packets for pre-registered individuals.
  • Issue at-door registrations.
  • Manage sales of convention t-shirts, other gear.
  • Field queries from attendees.
  • Contact the appropriate people on the concom to address needs or problems that arise.
  • Restock hand-outs.