Join the Volunteer Team

ArmadilloCon is entirely volunteer-run. If you can spare an hour or two to help us make this happen, we’d really love your help!  If desired, see below for more information on the work that volunteers do.

Drop us a quick note!

Kinds of Help Wanted Include:


  • Reach out to businesses and publishers to solicit ads for the souvenir/program book. This can include those who have participated in the past (we have a list), and new people (get creative!).

Dealers Room

  • Reach out to businesses and publishers that might want to have booths in our Dealers Room. This can include those who have participated in the past (we have a list), and new people (get creative!).
  • Communicate with the Treasurer to get people invoiced.

Gift Baskets

  • Within a given budget, put together welcome gift baskets/bags for headline guests.

Guest Liaison

  • Assist with travel arrangements, including airport pickup and drop-off of key guests.

Hospitality Suite Assistants

  • Restock snacks, drinks, napkins, cups, disposable cutlery, hand sanitizer.
  • Clean up and restock.

Load-in/Load Out

  • We need a small crew to help load in and load out Art Show materials to go from storage to the convention via a trailer.


  • Design and order a convention t-shirt, and possibly a poster and/or stickers.


  • Use existing tools (MailPoet) to send out a newsletter to our subscribers.

Program Book Layout

  • Use Adobe InDesign to arrange materials for the printed program book. We provide the Adobe subscription and template.

Program Operations (“Ops”)

  • Make sure that the schedule posted at the door is correct.
  • Clean up/set up presentation area between program items.
  • See that the stage is correctly set up for the participants.
  • Make sure the panel begins and ends on time.
  • Respond to any problems that arise during the panel.
  • Get things ready for the person who is managing the next item.
  • Check first floor lounge area for neatness, and straighten if needed.


  • Write, design and post publicity messages on our social media accounts to publicize the convention and the doings of our guests. We use an easy-to-learn tool, Adobe Express (subscription provided).

Registration/Information Desk

  • Before the convention, work on design for this year’s badge.
  • Prepare and assemble packets for attendees. (before con)
  • Verify ID and issue packets for pre-registered individuals.
  • Issue at-door registrations.
  • Manage sales of convention t-shirts, other gear.
  • Field queries from attendees.
  • Contact the appropriate people to address needs or problems that arise.
  • Restock any hand-outs. 
  • Post printed schedules each morning.

Treasurer Assistant

  • Help track expenses. Assist with monthly reports, including the final report in October.


  • The website could use improvement, don’t you think? Are you a WordPress user, or willing to learn?