We aim to make ArmadilloCon a welcoming event for a variety of people. As a member of the ArmadilloCon community, you play a very important role in this.

Please help us take precautions to keep our community healthy! We all want to avoid “con crud!” We will have masks and hand sanitizer available, and will have an air sanitizer in the Con Suite. See our Health Policy and Pledge for details.

We are a neurodiverse community, and we don’t all communicate and express ourselves the same way. It’s normal and expected that we will all accommodate different communication styles. Sometimes a person may need to leave in the middle of a session, or flap their hands, or pace up and down, or go to a quiet space, and that’s okay. So if someone’s behavior seems strange to you, don’t make assumptions – talk to them directly.

Some of us are more sensitive to smells, sounds and lights than others. Please avoid wearing strong perfume or aftershave or bringing other strong smells with you. Please do not use flash photography as this can induce migraines.

Be aware of attendees using canes, scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility devices, and give them room to get around. Give up that aisle seat if someone needs it. These are the actions that will add up to an event where we all feel welcome.

Let’s make ArmadilloCon a great experience for everyone!

Hotel Information

  • For basic information about accessibility at the hotel, see hotel’s accessibility information. (If that specific link doesn’t work, go to the hotel’s overview webpage, scroll down to the header “Property Details,” and then open up the section “Accessibility Information.”) For more information about the physical features of their accessible rooms, common areas or special services, please call the hotel at 512-448-2222.
    • The hotel has ground-level parking including ADA accessible spaces.
    • The hotel is wheelchair accessible through the main entrance, which has an automatic door.
    • The hotel’s restrooms, restaurant, and conference rooms (where most programming takes place) are all on the ground floor with wide hallways.
    • The hotel has elevators, making it easy to get from a hotel room (floors 2-14) to the programming areas (1st floor), or to visit the Hospitality Suite on the 14th floor. The elevators have tactile buttons and auditory feedback.
  • The Austin Southpark Hotel is smoke-free. The city of Austin’s ordinance includes e-cigarettes and vaping. There are designated benches and smoking receptacles outside the front of the hotel, at a set distance from the doors.
  • The Austin Southpark is a pet-friendly hotel. See the Austin Southpark Hotel’s FAQ for details. They note, “Guide dogs for the blind or otherwise disabled are exempt from the pet policy — there is no weight limit or pet fee.”

Most conference rooms will have a wide aisle and space at the front for scooter and wheelchair parking. There will also be designated seats reserved for individuals who need them for accessibility reasons. Please respect the signs.

The exception is the Conference Center room, which has built-in chairs and seats. It has wide aisles with a total of 4 steps down on each side of the room. In that room, space for scooter and wheelchair parking will be at the back of the room.

Program Schedule

The program schedule will be available as a mobile app. It will also be available for download on our program page. Printed copies will be available at the Registration Desk.

Program Participants

The hotel will install a stage with a ramp in Ballroom D.

The smaller programming rooms will be set up with space behind the participants’ tables for accessibility. If you are a program participant, please email with any requests for specific accommodations.

Note that the Conference Center (the room with built-in chairs and tables) has 4 steps down from the main level to the speaker area. If you are scheduled there but need to be elsewhere, let us know.