Join the Volunteer Team

ArmadilloCon is entirely volunteer-run. If you can spare a few hours, we’d really love your help!  If desired, see below for more information on the work that volunteers do.

Kinds of Help Wanted Include:


  • Reach out to businesses and publishers to solicit ads for the souvenir/program book. This can include those who have participated in the past (we have a list), and new people (get creative!).

Dealers Room

  • Reach out to businesses and publishers that might want to have booths in our Dealers Room. This can include those who have participated in the past (we have a list), and new people (get creative!).
  • Communicate with the Treasurer to get people invoiced.

Gift Baskets

  • Within a given budget, put together welcome gift baskets/bags for headline guests.

Guest Liaison

  • Assist with travel arrangements, including airport pickup and drop-off of key guests.

Hospitality Suite Assistants

  • Restock snacks, drinks, napkins, cups, disposable cutlery, hand sanitizer.
  • Clean up and restock.

Load-in/Load Out

  • We need a small crew to help load in and load out Art Show materials to go from storage to the convention via a trailer.


  • Design and order a convention t-shirt, and possibly a poster and/or stickers.


  • Use existing tools (MailPoet) to send out a newsletter to our subscribers.

Program Book Layout

  • Use Adobe InDesign to arrange materials for the printed program book. We provide the Adobe subscription and template.

Program Operations (“Ops”)

  • Make sure that the schedule posted at the door is correct.
  • Clean up/set up presentation area between program items.
  • See that the stage is correctly set up for the participants.
  • Make sure the panel begins and ends on time.
  • Respond to any problems that arise during the panel.
  • Get things ready for the person who is managing the next item.
  • Check first floor lounge area for neatness, and straighten if needed.


  • Write, design and post publicity messages on our social media accounts to publicize the convention and the doings of our guests. We use an easy-to-learn tool, Adobe Express (subscription provided).

Registration/Information Desk

  • Before the convention, work on design for this year’s badge.
  • Prepare and assemble packets for attendees. (before con)
  • Verify ID and issue packets for pre-registered individuals.
  • Issue at-door registrations.
  • Manage sales of convention t-shirts, other gear.
  • Field queries from attendees.
  • Contact the appropriate people to address needs or problems that arise.
  • Restock any hand-outs. 
  • Post printed schedules each morning.

Treasurer Assistant

  • Help track expenses. Assist with monthly reports, including the final report in September.


  • The website could use improvement, don’t you think? Are you a WordPress user, or willing to learn?