Image Credits: ArmadilloCon 2023 Guests

SEQUOIA NAGAMATSU IMAGE: “Website Photo.” Content © Sequoia Nagamatsu. Photo by Lauren B. Photography

CORY DOCTOROW IMAGE: “Portrait, home, Hackney, London (by Paula Mariel Salischiker,, CC-BY).tif.

Original image and license at:

CORY DOCTOROW IMAGE: “Copyright Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud (JUCO),, Creative Commons Attribution”

Original image and license at:

GABINO IGLESIAS IMAGE: Author photo used at Locus Magazine, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, etc.

RICK KLAW: Photo by Brandy Whitten, via Tachyon Publications website. Used by permission.

TONIA RANSOM: Photo by Tonia Ransom. Used by permission.

GONZALO ALVAREZ: Publicity photo from website, used by permission.