Artist Guest Gonzalo Alvarez

Gonzalo Alvarez is a first-gen Chicano Illustrator, Writer, and Designer from Port Arthur, TX creating Aztec fantasy. He is the author of Poyoman, an Aztec fantasy graphic novel to be published by Harper Collins in 2024, as part of a multi-book deal. Comicosity interviewed him to discuss the project.

He started Studio Tecuanis in 2022, a studio dedicated to creating Aztec merchandise, and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to publish NAWALLI: The Aztec Card Game, which is shipping this summer! You can read a profile of the Tecuanis design team at OneBoardFamily.

NAWALLI: The Aztec Card Game by Gonzalo Alvarez — Kickstarter. See a video clip about NAWALLI and the Tecuanis team.

Inspired by his parent’s stories growing up in Mexico, he created the immigration video game Borders, which received international acclaim.

He has exhibited and conducted panels internationally at Indiecade E3 2017, Worldcon76, Festival Vértice UNAM, Texas Latino Comic Con, and more.

Gonzalo’s literary representation is Marietta B. Zacker from the Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency.

Connect: Discord (Tecuanis) | | Instagram | Patreon | | Twitter