Skyler Gray (was White)

Skyler Gray will be appearing at ArmadilloCon 2022! Skyler lives in Austin where she writes fiction, ghost writes non-fiction, copywrites, rights wrongs, dances at rites, and wrought two children. She’s worked as a Creative Writing teacher and a book (witch)doctor. She’s published three novels with Steven Brust (The Incrementalists, The Skill of Our Hands, and The Sword of Happenstance) and three on her own (And Falling, Fly, In Dreams Begin and Roadtrip to Ruin). Currently, she works for Scribe Media as a book coach and title consultant and on a new novel– Avalon, CA.

The Sword of Happenstance is the third in the Incrementalists series of novels by Steven Brust and Skyler Gray
“This modern gothic romance is dark, thoughtful, and beautifully written.  If looking for a book that stands apart from others and leaves a lasting impression, definitely pick up In Dreams Begin.” –BookingIt

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