Kurt Baty

Kurt Baty is a fan living in the Austin, TX area after having spent many years in the Boston area. He first found fandom in 1973. He considers himself to be a party fan, and with Scott Bobo wrote party reviews for Worldcons for ten years, from MagiCon in 1992 to MilPhil in 2001. He was Fan Guest at ArmadilloCon 24 in 2002 and co-chaired ArmadilloCon 30 in 2008. One of his projects was the Whole Science Fiction Index a project in the 80s to index all of SF.

Kurt is also known for his work with LEGOs. He led a group of Lego fans from the Texas Lego User Group (TexLUG) in a special interactive LEGO exhibit at LoneStarCon 3/WorldCon 71. His famous LEGO projects include a LEGO Antikythera mechanism, presented at Brick Fiesta 2017.