Kelly Persons

Kelly Persons was our ArmadilloCon 30 Fan Guest. Kelly is one of those people that you might not notice – but you really ought to. Kelly is a biologist by training, probably a research scientist in practice. He’s a voracious reader, a good gamer – probably even a great gamer – a very sharp, smart, intelligent person. But, most importantly, he’s a science fiction fan. He’s a fixture in NESFA, the New England Science Fiction Association.

Kelly is the fan that is not in your face about what you can and can’t do. He’s the one pushing the four-wheeler, making things happen, packing the boxes, or moving the supplies. He’s the one you can count on to be there on a Wednesday night when you have to load things before the convention. He’s the one that’s there last when things are being unloaded at the clubhouse. He’s the person who comes every week and does gaming and collates newsletters and fanzines. He’s the one that on weekends will be off playing a game someplace, possibly in a tournament.

Kelly’s a fun person to talk to, but because he’s not really in your face, you’ll have to go talk to him because he probably won’t talk to you first. Cats, books, games, science – who among us doesn’t have at least one of these interests in common with such an uber-fan as Kelly?