Eva L. Elasigue

Eva L. Elasigue will be appearing at ArmadilloCon 2022! Eva combines an honor-awarded imagination with diverse study & experience to create the fantasy space opera trilogy Bones of Starlight, continuing in recent novel release, Book 2: Abyss Surrounding. She also produces short story, poetry, stage script, and introduces innovative events and topics to cultural communities worldwide. Backgrounds in plant science, commercial journalism, community arts, homesteading, wildcrafting, natural building, and other regular jobs. A renaissance woman, she loves music, art, the great outdoors, and calls San Juan Island home in the US Pacific Northwest. Filipina-Anglo-American, Queer, Feminist, Atypical.

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Visit: SerialSurreal website (Altersensical collage & poetry images. Released sequentially by Eva L. Elasigue.)

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