DRR Chang

DRR Chang is the senior editor and art editor at spacesquid.com (“your puny planet’s finest scifi, experimental, and humor”). His superpowers include building flying cat iconography in Photoshop and remembering his parking spot. He’s eaten Larry Ellison’s dinner, sung with the Houston Symphony, worked on some semi-famous videogames, and accidentally body-slammed Sigourney Weaver on set.

His story “The Climbers” was published in 2015’s Avast, Ye Airships. He got an English degree from a fancy-pants university which is solely responsible for any flaws in his work. You can find more at spacesquid.com and sparkleworks.com, and you can snag a free demo of the retro RPG he co-wrote at videogamewriter.com/free-demo

Get the game! You can now play the entirety of his Steam JRPG, Crimson Sword Saga: The Peloran Wars, on your PC.