Donna Dechen Birdwell

ArmadilloCon is delighted to welcome author and anthropologist Donna Dechen Birdwell! Birdwell is a journalist turned anthropologist turned artist turned novelist. Her most recent novel, Beyond the Endless (2022), brings her far-future EarthCycles trilogy to a triumphant close. The first book in the series, Song of All Songs, won the 2021 Silver Medal from Self-Publishing Review.

Donna Dechen Birdwell has crafted an immersive and visceral vision of the future with Song of All Songs, a novel that begs to be savored like few others in recent memory.Self-Publishing Review

Birdwell is also author of the near-future Recall Chronicles series, set in a world in which aging has been eradicated. As an anthropologist, Donna enjoys throwing what she’s learned about Homo sapiens and human evolution into speculative scenarios populated by diverse characters. Donna is a native Texan, currently residing in Austin.

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Malia Poole’s love of books makes working at a bookshop an obvious choice, even in mid-21st century after print copies are no longer mass produced. She’s one of the Vintagonists, individuals who believe in preserving old things and have formed an alliance with like-minded factions collectively known as Recall. The U.S. having succumbed to plutocracy, Recall operates covertly but still falls prey to raids from plutocrats’ agents… 
A vision of the future that’s both harrowing and endlessly entertaining.Kirkus