Charles Siros

Charles Siros is a longtime member of the FACT Board, the group that brings you ArmadilloCon. He co-chaired ArmadilloCon 24 (August 16–18, 2002), ArmadilloCon 26 (August 13–15, 2004), ArmadilloCon 30 (August 15–17, 2008), ArmadilloCon 33 (August 26–28, 2011), ArmadilloCon 37 (July 24–26, 2015), and chaired ArmadilloCon 38 (July 29–31, 2016). Ask him about doing technical work for a big rock band, or about the time he sparred with Check Norris (back before we was famous). He has opinions about hot sauce, and many other things. Get him to tell you a story!