ArmadilloCon 2021 Guests

Peri Charlifu

Peri Charlifu will be appearing at ArmadilloCon 2021!

Peri Charlifu is a Colorado artist who has been selling his work professionally for over 39 years. He has won dozens of awards and is founder and Guild Primus of the Convention Artists Guild. He is a full time artist and participates in about 30-40 shows a year, all over the country! (When not in Covid lock down!) 

His work is exhibited and sold all over the United States as well as several countries. To date he has produced over 64,000 pieces.  His work is available for special order and at art shows only. 

Peri has been teaching workshop and classes for over 30 years and has experience with adults as well as teens and children.  He is also a graphic artist and his prints and original works can be seen on his website! 

You can check out his web site at or visit him on Facebook, to look at his work, see what he is up to and to place an order.

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