ArmadilloCon 2021 Guests

D.L. Young

Come meet D.L. Young, writer of books that will keep you up past your bedtime! He will be appearing at ArmadilloCon 2021!

D.L. Young is a Pushcart Prize nominee and winner of the Independent Press Award. He’s fluent in Spanish, speaks passable Portuguese (the Brazilian flavor), and he religiously follows English football squad Manchester United.

A lifelong science fiction fan, his intense, fast-paced novels reflect his many influences from books and movies, including William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy, the Mad Max films, Akira, Blade Runner, and the works of Harlan Ellison, J.G. Ballard, and Paolo Bacigalupi.

His Dark Republic series is a near-future dystopian trilogy set in the aftermath of a failed Texas secession. His most recent series is a 5-book cyberpunk saga involving a war between artificial intelligences.

D.L. is currently working on a space opera trilogy (release date late 2021 / early 2022).

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D.L. Young’s Cyberpunk City series features sprawling megacities, rogue AIs, black market tech, modded mercenaries, and lots of plot twists. Pick these up on Amazon!