ArmadilloCon 2021 Guests

Professor Griffin Presents THAT’S EXPLOITATION!

Do the film titles Torso, Eyeball, Night of the Bloody Apes, and Bloodsucking Freaks bring back fond memories? Are you a Psychotronic, Something Weird, Video Search of Miami, grindhouse lover who gets excited to watch Dr. Butcher M.D., Deranged, or Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde?

Then join Fangoria TV’s Professor Griffin and his assistant, Dan-Dan, Saturday at 10 PM, you sick Mutants!

We’ll be celebrating the questionable “art” of sleazoid, late night, drive-in, grindhouse films. Come early to be a contestant and win prizes!

WARNING: If you’re squeamish or easily offended…please stay away. This is an 18 and older show only!