ArmadilloCon 42


Major Guests

Artist Guest Priscilla Kim is an illustrator and concept artist with a focus on covers and portraiture. She bears a deep love of games and books, particularly of the sci-fi and fantasy stripe. Past clients include, Paizo, Fantasy Flight, Uncanny Magazine, White Wolf, Onyx Path, XPRIZE, Green Ronin, Hi-Rez,  and more. She’s also been featured in ImagineFX, the Society of Illustrators West, and Spectrum Fantastic Art 24 and 26.

Fan Guests Clif and Margaret Davis have been involved in Texas fandom for many years. They’ve worked on ApolloCon, ConSortium, and LoneStarCoon, and they’ve been active in the fan organizations Friends of Fandom, ALAMO, and FACT. Clif is a Ph.D. computer scientist who studies weather, and Margaret is a librarian. For years they’ve been the brains behind the website, which is an invaluable resource for SF/F fans and authors in the Southwest.